Readers Story: Within Me

This story is shared by Eric DeRouen

“10 years ago one evening in my apartment I became infused with this energy and then I began to weep uncontrollably. After 5 minutes it wasn’t going away so I retracted my steps to the area in my apartment where I began to feel the strong energy.

I was about to pass out but bolted out of the front door, then the energy released.

Now to date I see spirit orbs where ever I go.  I can control and tell Spirits to come to me, to close doors, to blow a breeze through trees.

I also feel the energy when sparrow birds fly near me.  If a feather falls from the sky near me I feel energy and within my eyes I see lights flow across the bottom of my eye lid.

Also when I close my eyes there’s images of faces. There’s a lot more going on with my  strange encounters.  To see more go to my Instagram page ‘paranormallife66’ to get an eyeful of the day in the life I go through”


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