Readers Story: No Explanations

This story is shared by Laura from San Marcos, Texas.  Can you explain what she might have witnessed?

This is her story:

“I get off of work at 9 pm and I live about 10 miles outside of the city and on my way home about 2 weeks ago I hit a long stretch of road that is pretty much a straight way.

I noticed clouds with lighting in the clouds, lots of lighting , but it stayed within the clouds. I never saw it streak across or strike down and it just wasn’t the right color, kinda like a light blue color.

At first I thought maybe it was that color because it stayed within the cloud. I kept watching it because it just didn’t look like normal lighting, it was odd enough that I grabbed my cell phone and checked the radar for a storm or bad weather but the radar was completely clear.

That’s when I texted my daughter (yes while driving oops) that I was pretty sure I was seeing a UFO and for her to go look outside..

I made it to my house about three minutes later and was able to step outside and take a better look and that’s when I noticed how fast it was moving.  Now I’ve seen tornado clouds before, being in plenty of tornado warnings, and that’s how fast it was moving, just not in a circular motion.

I Checked the radar again and it was still clear. It moved away fast and that was that. Very weird and something I can’t explain..”


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