Korean ghost hunter captures EVP’s

I was recently sent this video from one of Paranormal Globe visitors.

The video was recorded by a Korean ghost hunter and is said to have captured an EVP at a haunted location.

In the video you can see a lot of garbage at the front of the house, which relates to the EVP that was captured

After the ghost hunter plays back the EVP recorder, voices can be heard saying “did they go?, I hate them, You! go home!, they dumped the trash”.

Also near the end of the video the ghost hunter puts a golf ball next the EVP recorder, a few minutes later he hears a noise, he goes to check what the noise was and the golf ball is gone.

Apparently the ghost hunter always investigates haunted locations alone.

Unfortunately I don’t speak Korean so if anyone can verify what was heard on the EVP recording please post a comment below.


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