Ghost caught on camera at eerie footpath in Essex, UK

I will leave this to make your own decision on whether you think this is real or not.

A freelance content creator Rob Wakefield believes he has caught the ghost of a local legend while filming along an eerie footpath in Stansted Mountfichet, Essex, UK.

The Essex village which is close to Stansted Airport has a centuries old legend that someone was hit by a train on the railway track that is close to the footpath which also runs alongside a river.

In the footage filmed by Rob you can see a misty figure appear close to the river.

Rob said “The story was told to me in a local pub as all good ghost stories are,

“The story is of a young man who late one night decided to cut across the tracks, rather than at the nearest bridge.

“He was apparently hit by a train, as the driver reported a collision, but no body could be found.

“The rumour is that the boy was knocked off the tracks and into the river that runs by the side of the railway.

“As such, on certain days, you can see the ghost haunting the pathway that runs between the river and the tracks.

Rob didnt notice anything at the time and only spotted the figure while watching back through his footage.

He said “I recorded this video in the same location,

“I didn’t notice anything odd until I played the footage back and it gave me a chill when I saw the screen.”


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