Ghost scares guy during a home remodel

I came across this video just recently, which if it is real, then its great footage.

The footage was filmed by a guy who was remodeling an empty home. He thought there was a squatter in the house so he took out his phone camera and went looking for the squatter but what he did capture was something pretty scary!

Sharing his video on YouTube under the name Rocky Mills, he said “I thought there might be a squatter in the house I was working on but I caught something far different on camera. Remodeling home built in the early 1900’s

He has said that he would never go back to the house as he believes that there is something evil in there.

The house is said to be in North Carolina, US, but that is all the he wants to disclose as it was not his home and we has just working there.

What do you make of it?  Do you think its real?



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