The hidden ghosts in The Haunting of Hill House

Have you been watching Netflix’s new creepy series The Haunting of Hill House?  Did you know that there are hidden ghosts that appear in nearly every episode that you may have missed, especially if you have been watching through your fingers.

The shows creator Mike Flanagan recently revealed in an interview that there are ghostly figures hiding in plain sight throughout the whole series.

In the interview with Bloody Disgusting Flanagan said “I got to create whatever ghosts I wanted to and we would use them often based on the fears of people in the writer’s room.

“If you go back and watch the series again, in every episode there’s probably somewhere between eight and 10 ghosts that are just hidden in plain sight that we called no attention to but they’re there.

“As you see them pop up throughout, they’re definitely not random.

“They are the denizens of Hill House from years past that the house decided to keep for itself.”

Here’s where you can spot some of the hidden ghosts

Episode 1 – By the stairs

When: 00:00:52

Between the banisters


Episode 1 – The Bent Neck Lady

When: 00:06:18

You may have spotted this one already


Episode 1 – Steven’s Room

When: 00:33

Lurking in the background


Episode 1 – Triplets by the stairs

When : 00:35

On the right of the stairs and near the archway


Episode 1 – Behind the clock

When: 00:50

Peering from behind the clock


Episode 2 – In the garden

When: 00:04:02

To the right of the statue in the garden


Episode 2 – In the kitchen

When: 00:04:56

The blurry figure in the kitchen


Episode 3 – Theo’s ghost in the door

When: 00:09:53

Peering through the door


Episode 3 – Right in front of them

When: 00:16:23

Standing in front of Theo


Episode 3 – Dining Room

When: 00:18:26

Lurking in the darkness of the dining room


Episode 3 – The Woman in the kitchen

When: 00:28:31

Woman in a black dress on the left


Episode 3 – The Ladder

When: 00:29:13

Peering out through the ladder


Episode 3 – Living Room

When: 00:38:22

In the darkness of the living room


Episode 3 – Bald Man in the corridor


The bald man behind Theo


Episode 3 – Long haired ghost


Lurking behind Liv in the second arch way


Episode 3 – The Arch


Near the red lamp


Episode 4 – By the chair


On the right beside the chair


Episode 4 – In the window


In front of the window on the right


Episode 4 – Behind the glass cabinet


On the glass you can see a pal figure looking out.  This one is a little harder to spot


Episode 5 – Twins by the stairs


On the right at the bottom of the stairs


Episode 5 – Behind Liv aka the Gerard’s Game easter egg


Behind them. This one is a nod to Gerard’s Game, Mike Flanagan’s other Netflix offering.


Episode 5 – Under the piano

When : 00:22:03

Look at the spooky hands under the piano


Episode 5 – Behind Nell


Lurking in the background to Nell’s left


Episode 7 – At the door


Peering from behind the door on the left


Episode 7 – Long Haired Figure (again)


Looking from around the wall


Episode 9 – In the Arch


To the right or the archway


Episode 9 – The giveaway ghost


To the right.  This is the most obvious one and is the one that is said to have made viewers realise that their could be hidden ghosts in every episode.


Episode 9 – Liv leaving


To the right side of the stairs




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