Woman is in love with a ghost and wants to have his babies

I heard about this recently and thought its worth a share to see what you all think of it?

A woman who claims she is in love with ghost has revealed they have had discussed having children together. Amethyst Realm became a household name in Australia last year when she claimed she had slept with 15 ghosts since breaking up with her fiancé 12 years ago. She claims she has gone off men completely and prefers ghosts as she can communicate, feel and have sex with them.

Now she has revealed her new ghost boyfriend and are thinking about having ‘ghost babies’. She told New Idea: ‘One day, while I was walking through the bush, enjoying nature, I suddenly felt this incredible energy. I knew a new lover had arrived.’ ‘It’s pretty serious. In fact, we’ve even been thinking about having a ghost baby.’ She added: ‘I know that sounds crazy but I’ve been looking into it and I don’t think it’s totally out of the question.’ Amethyst also believes phantom pregnancies are ‘ghost-babies’ which are unable to go full term.

She also has said that her sexual encounters with ghosts always end in an orgasm for her. The 29-year-old appeared on This Morning last December and shocked the presenters with her candidness about making love to ghosts. She left viewers baffled as she claimed to have had sex with 15 different ghost lovers. And a shocked Phillip told her: ‘I could imagine you’ve got quite a name for yourself in the spirit world.’



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