Top 5 Castles Where You Can See Ghosts

If you are a huge fan of paranormal, and wish to see a ghost yourself, then traveling to place with haunted castle will be the best time spending for you. Today, this becomes so popular that tour operators can offer you numerous castle tours, the main aim of which is to bring you to the ghost castle and tell you a thrilling castle story, and if you are lucky enough, you will see a real ghost yourself. Here we have selected five spookiest fortresses, which you must visit:

England, York

This castle, built by William the Conqueror, has been a witness of more wars than any other in Europe. A haunted tower, the most mysterious place of the whole castle, has become a home for a ghost of Sir Fulke Greville. It is said that he was murdered by his own servant and since then he appears every night from his portrait, which is hung in the tower. Prison is another place of the fort, where ghosts live; you can even feel dizzy when touching rusty bars and appliances for torture there.

Austria, Moosham

Moosham scary castle is an ideal example of Austrian architecture and ghost stories.  Being built in XII, it is also known as a Fortress of witches because of its dark past. It is a place, where the cruelest and mysterious trial against witches was held. During the period from 1675 to 1687, thousands of women were labeled witches and sentenced to death by inquisitors there. They were tortured and decapitated within these walls, and they still come here as ghosts. Besides being a place for which execution, this was also a werewolf den. Until the end of XIX, when there were a lot of dead crippled cattle and deer found near the fort, many locals were accused of being werewolves and imprisoned.

Ireland, Leap

This fort was built during Iron Age that is why there was plenty of time for ghosts to settle there. There is an interesting story about its chapel; it is said that in 1532 a soldier killed with a sword his brother, who was a priest there. Since that time, a ghost of this priest has been living in that chapel, and people call it “Bloody Chapel”. The other mysterious creature of this castle does not look like a human being. People, who have seen it, describe it as a creature of medium size with a human face and black holes instead of the eyes, which has a foul smell.

Scotland, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Fortress was built in XII. It is a place, where even atheists become believers once get through the door. It is a symbol of the whole Scotland and is located on a dormant volcano. Besides, this place is treated to be a place with paranormal activity, where visitors see ghosts regularly. A Lady Glamis, who was accused of being a witch and burned in 1537, is often seen walking across dark halls of the fort. Since 1650, there appeared a ghost of the decapitated drummer boy. However, you can also find there a piper, an old man in a leather apron and even a dog, jumping near a cemetery.


Czech Republic, Houska

This famous haunted castle is considered to be a door to Hell and one of the most haunted places in the whole world.  You can hear their spooky voices and scream all the time. It is said that the gates to Hell can be found somewhere in the rock, where the fort is located, but no one does know where exactly. Once the owners of this fort tried to find it and asked a prisoner that was sentenced to death to dive into the well and find it and they would set him free instead. When a prisoner went there, he started screaming and asking to lift him up. Moreover, when they did it, they saw a man with hair turned white that was frightened to death and could not stop repeating that he had seen a devil. Very soon, this man has died and on the place of this well, a chapel was built. However, strange things still happen in that ghost area even now.


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