Ghost Hunters record eerie voices in church near childrens graves

A paranormal investigation team have recorded eerie voices at a haunted church in Cambridge, UK, that is said to be built over unmarked graves of children that had died around Christmas.

The voice can be heard as saying “let me out”. Hammering sounds were also recorded along with strange orb lights.

Cambridge Ghost Hunters also said that a rock was thrown at them inside the church.

It is alleged that the church grounds were once used for satanic rituals by witches.

Lead investigator Craig Jones said “The story behind the church is around Christmas – a lot of children died because of the freezing temperatures.

“It has also been known to have people doing witchcraft and devil worship at the church”

“We looked at all the graves and there was quite a few graves of just children and they died around November and December. They backdate to the 1700s.”

The ruined church tower is the remains of the old church of St Mary and All Saints.

It was demolished in 1852 with only the tower remaining.

The tower is well-known to be haunted, with growls heard coming from inside the tower, breathing sounds and apparitions of a marching army.

What do you think, can you hear the voice?


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