Mysterious photo of a young girl in the woods. Is it a ghost?

This mysterious photo of a young girl was taken by a trail cam in the woods around Cambridge, New York, US. It has been shared around and has many people wondering who is she, where did she come from and is she actually a ghost?

The landowners whose trail cam took the photo want to try to find the girl’s family and put the mystery to bed but the whole town of Cambridge are talking about the photo.

They all want to know if she was just a young girl playing in the woods or if she a ghost?

A lot of the towns residents have mixed opinions on the photo.

One local resident said “I think it’s a ghost. Look at it. It’s definitely a spirit.”

While another said “I don’t know. It’s kind of hard to believe whatever you see on social media nowadays.”

The landowners had just purchased that part of the woods to use has a hunting area and set up a trail cam, little did they know they would capture a mysterious girl.

The landowners original idea was to release the photo to try to identify who she is but it has now been a few weeks an no-one has come forward yet which has got a lot of people thinking could it actually be a ghost?

Cambridge Police are now involved in trying to find out who the girl is and if anyone recognises her you are asked to contact them.





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