Ghost of a woman wearing glasses photographed in bedroom

This could be up there with one of the best photos ever taken of a ghost if it is legit.

Reddit user donaldamandam shared this photo on Reddit to see if anyone could give an explanation for the ghostly figure of a woman in the background.

You can clearly make out a woman wearing glasses, as if she is looking over her shoulder at the person sitting down.

donaldamandame explained “These photos were taken in like 2005 with a really crap shoot digital camera.

“My sister had just gotten one. It was just her, and her friend Tommy in her room at the time.

“The photo on the left was taken with flash, and the right without, within seconds of each other. In the right photo, you can see CLEAR AS DAY the face of one person, and the opposite hand of another. You can even make out very round glasses on the face! No one else was with them.

“Growing up in our parents house, we always had strange things happen. Noises, things being moved, that kind of stuff. Maybe this was the person behind all of the activity?”

Some people believe its very convincing evidence of a ghost, while others mentioned it could be double exposure, however digital cameras cannot give double exposure.

You can read the reddit post here 

What do you make of it?





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