Naked ghost caught on motion sensor camera

What looks like to be a ghost of a naked woman walking across a garden has been captured on a motion sensor camera.

Reddit user alecd6 shared the photo on Reddit to see what see what other readers thought of it.

They explained that the photo was taken from their friends motion capture camera back in July last year on their property in rural Virginia, US.

They said “The photo should be in colour as it was still daylight out, the photo’s before and after are in colour expect this one, it creeped us all out!

“The closest neighbours are about 2 miles away and are in their 80’s and the closest town is 45 minutes away.

“No other camera caught the woman. We thought it was someone skinny dipping in the pool but the camera looking over the pool caught nothing”

You can read the reddit post here 

The photo is quite creepy, what do you think it could be?


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