A haunted balloon mysteriously floats around a childrens hospital

An orange balloon has been floating around a children’s hospital in Argentina spooking staff into believing that the hospital is haunted by the ghost of a dead child.

A member of staff at the Victor Vilela Children’s hospital decided to filmed the balloon after they noticed that it seemed to follow them around the building.

The video shows the balloon floating along a corridor just inches above the ground, as if it was being held by a small child.

It then begins to float towards the person holding the camera.

A male member of staff can be heard saying “It’s coming towards us!”

A female colleague then says “The girl on the bed said they touched her leg. Oh no, it’s coming towards us!”


The staff members head back into the room still filming the doorway, when all of the sudden the balloon appears around the door, turns the corner and heads inside the room towards the people shooting the video.

They let out a shriek and run away!.

Is this a haunting or is the balloon just floating along currents of air?



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