Shadow person is photographed at a funeral parlour in Hull

The Annison’s funeral parlour in Hull, UK, is said to be Hull’s most haunted building.

The building which has been empty for many years was a funeral parlour for over 100 years but it is also known for where a victim of an infamous Victorian murder was last seen alive.

Mary Jane Langley was seen alive there before her throat was slit in 1891. Her killer has never been found and the murder of Mary Jane is one of Hull’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

The building has recently become a home to ghost hunters and regular ghost tours take place hoping to experience anything paranormal.

Lee Riddiough, a paranormal investigator, visited the funeral parlour to see if it was a genuine haunted site. He claims to have found evidence that it is haunted by photographing this shadow person.

Lee said: “As we were walking around the tour, our guide was telling us there has been several sightings of a boy who is believed to have died at the home some time ago.

“A few people laughed it off and didn’t believe it, but I kept an open mind given my experience. Then all of a sudden, I just got compelled to take a photo of this door and I couldn’t believe it.

“You couldn’t see anything with your own eyes, but when you look at the photo, you can clearly see a human shadow with a blue glow around it.”

Lee was unsure if the photo was indeed a spirit but after discussing it with other investigators he is now convinced it is a shadow person.

“What really convinced them is the blue glow,” he said. “They said that was really indicative of spirits.

“You can also tell by the way the shadow is cast. It stops suddenly at the door frame and is not normal. The shadow is also looks three dimensional which makes you think it must be a spirit.”

He plans to return to the building with fellow paranormal investigators and carry out a full investigation.

What do you think?  A living person’s shadow or a real spirit/shadow person?



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