Woman takes photo of a ghost jogging past Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool UK

A woman believes she has captured a ghost jogging past Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool, UK, while taking a photo of the building.


Heather Size said she captured the ghostly apparition while on a ghost hunt tour at the former asylum.

She took the photo to show her friend the scary building they were about to enter but didn’t see anything at the time of taking the picture.

She said: “I’d booked a tour of Newsham Park Hospital for my friend’s 21st birthday as she’s always wanted to do it.

“I didn’t know where it was so my mum drove me there and I took the picture to show my friend so that she’d be scared.

“I couldn’t believe it when I looked back and there was what looked like someone running past. I already believed in ghosts but now I believe even more so, and I’m really scared.

“[The figure] definitely wasn’t there when I took the photo.”

The asylum has well-known to be haunted and regular ghost hunts take place.

It was originally built as an orphanage for seamen’s children before it was later converted into a hospital for mental health patients.

It closed in 1992 and has fallen into disrepair. Old beds, trolleys and cupboards which are said to have been used as naughty cupboards for naughty children are still found in the building.



What do you think?

It is an interesting image but is it paranormal? I’m not sure. It could be a reflection if it was taken through a car window or maybe it was just jogger who was sprinting past.



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