Did the ghost of Chateau Rhianfa attend a Murder Mystery Night?

A photograph which was taken at a Murder Mystery Night at the Chateau Rhianfa Hotel in North Wales seems to have captured a ghostly figure.

The photograph was taken by Suzanne Evanson who is the Blind Veterans UK Regional Fundraising Assistant.

She said “I had absolutely no idea when I took the picture that I was actually capturing a ghost who had turned up to our Murder Mystery night.

“It was only when we looked through the photos again for our next event that we saw the figure.”

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Event organiser Victoria Beech who is the Regional Fundraiser at Blind Veterans UK, remembers feeling an eerie presence on the night.

“As we were setting up before everyone arrived, the room suddenly became absolutely freezing,” she said.

“I popped out to check on the heating and was told it had been on for hours.

“By the time I got back in it was roasting again and our CD player kept stopping and starting too.”

The Chateau Rhianfa Hotel is well-known to be haunted. Employees have often reported of feeling a presence and hearing strange noises around the hotel.

So what do you think. Is this a ghost or just a trick of the camera?


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