Spooky CCTV shows a bar stool being toppled over then a ghost runs away

This spooky CCTV footage taken from several angles was recorded in the CATO restaurant and bar in Singapore. It was uploaded to the All Singapore Stuff Facebook page and has since gone viral and been viewed thousands of times.

The footage shows a bar stool moving and wobbling all by itself as if someone or something was rocking it back and forth trying to knock it over.

The only people near the bar stool are two men sitting and chatting away oblivious as to what is going on beside them.

The stool starts to wobbly more violently before eventually falling over onto the floor.

The men are startled when they hear the stool crash to the floor. They then look like they discuss with the bartender how it could have fallen over before picking back up.

But as they are in discussion and looking at the stool, a weird small misty figure is seen appearing from the top corner of the bar and then scurry past them, the two men and the bartender don’t even acknowledge this, seemingly oblivious to it.

singapore ghost

This footage certainly is weird.  Was it a ghost of a child who pulled over the stool, something else, or can it be easily explained?



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