Could these ghostly whispers at Kielder Castle be one of the best disembodied voices ever recorded.

Could this be one of the best disembodied voices ever recorded?

There is a nightly radio phone in chat radio show here in the North East of England on Metro Radio called Night Owls.  Alan Robson is the presenter and he has a great interest in the paranormal.

Every so often he presents a Ghost Hunter special episode as well as a Halloween special where he broadcasts a live show from a haunted place in the UK while taking a few of his listeners with him to see if they can record evidence of any paranormal activity.

Back in November 2014 there was a Halloween special broadcast from Kielder Castle.

Kielder Castle is often described as the darkest place in England and is known to be haunted by a grey lady and a servant girl named Emma.

Sounds of ghostly footsteps are often heard by visitors and occupants along with objects being moved on their own, apparitions, light anomalies, noises in the attic and shadowy figures have been witnessed. A psychic investigator apparently fled in fear after spending no more that an hour in the castle.

Now I missed this Halloween special show when it was fist broadcast last year and only just listened to a repeat of the show a few weeks ago and was surprised nothing more has really been mentioned about the whispering voice caught in the audio since it first went out live.

To set the scene, a woman who was picked from one of the many Night Owls listeners to take part in the Halloween Ghost Hunt show. She was asked to stay in a room in the castle for a short period of time by herself. She was asked to sit in a wheelchair that was already in the room and sit in silence and look out or listen for anything paranormal, presumably in the dark.

This clip is around 3 minutes long but if you listen from beginning to end you will hear at the start there are some strange noises, then what is believed to be tapping on a door and then the woman says “I can here some whispering” at this point ghostly whispering can be clearly heard.  Even when the woman screams at the fear of hearing the whispering voice it can still be heard very clearly. Alan Robson then hears her screams and runs up to the room to find her .



Its hard to make out what the voice is saying and unfortunately as this is a radio show there us no video evidence available, so its impossible to tell whether those whispers were actual paranormal activity or whether it was someone hiding in the dark playing  a prank to get a reaction and make the show that little more spooky.

I would like to think it was genuine, and if it is then this could be one of the best disembodied voices ever recorded.

If you want to listen to the whole show then it can be found on YouTube here.


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