Villagers in India see UFO and aliens

Some alien news came to light today from India.

Agricultural workers in Kanagal village in the Periyapatna taluk of Mysuru district, reported that he had seen a UFO and aliens.

Since the report, alien enthusiasts have been making trips to Kanagal to interview the workers.

They said that it was around 2pm when a huge humanoid figure descended towards them from the clouds in a red spacecraft.  There were flashes and sparks around the craft.

The workers who are a group of 7 women were said to be shocked at seeing the spacecraft, which then zoomed away within seconds of descending on to a field.

They claimed the spacecraft descended to about 500 feet from them and they could see humanoid figures inside.

Alien enthusiast T A Manjunatha said “The women could have mistaken some kind of a flying object as a spacecraft. Besides, it was a cloudy day and this has to be probed”

The alien enthusiasts intend on bringing the matter to the attention of the government.

Its a shame no-one was carrying a phone or camera.



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