Child ghost caught on camera at Sandwell Valley

Elaine Stewart was talking a stroll through Sandwell Valley when she decided to take a picture of the picturesque woodland scene.

Only later when she was looking through the photos on her phone, she spotted what looks like a ghost of a child.

She believes she has photographed the ghost of a boy who died in a mine shaft in that area back in the 18th century.  She says the image shows the boy in 18th century clothing.

Elaine took the image in a clearing close the Wasson Pool. This area and pool is well-known for being haunted and a ghost is apparently seen there quite regularly.


She said “I was trying to take a picture of the mist.

To me, it looks like a boy in old-fashioned clothing and I know there were mines underneath so perhaps that was where he worked.

To be honest, I’ve got an open mind. Some say it’s a trick of the light, others can definitely make out a figure. It’s certainly divided opinion.

I don’t believe in a God, in the traditional sense of a church and all that,but I do believe in life after death”.


She has since returned to the area many more times to try to snap another picture of the ghost to prove her doubters wrong but she has failed to do so.

Wasson Pool was originally a colliery’s sump pool and attracts flocks of swans, some believe the ghost that is regularly seen there is just a swan.

Here is the photo, what do you think? It could be just the sun shining on the tree?

pool ghost



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