Is this a ghost of Tutbury Castle?

Does this video footage show a figure of ‘The Keeper’ standing against a wall then moving across the room out of sight?

This is the claim of The Past Hunters, a paranormal investigation TV show on Sky TV.

Bex Palmer, who is the co-director of The Past Hunters along with her fiance Sean Reynolds are seen pointing out a shadowy figure standing against the wall while she is clinging to TV psychic medium Derek Acorah.

Tutbury Castle is said to be the site of several ghost sightings in the past.

The castle’s website states: “Wearing a full suit of armour, and behaving in a manner that might best be described as authoritative, this ghostly figure has been seen stepping out in John of Gaunt’s Gateway¬†and bellowing “Get thee hence!”

“Although last sighted in daylight about four years ago, by a visitor who complained that an idiot of an actor had told him to “get over the fence”, recent increases in paranormal activity might suggest that another visit could be imminent.”

What do you think?


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  1. I’m always skeptical when I see things involving Derek Acorah, however, the complaint by the visitor is really interesting!

  2. Agreed re Derek. On Most Haunted he was secretly fed a ridiculous story made up by Kieron O’Keefe to test him and trotted it out verbatim.

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    follow you if that would be okay. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

    • Hi there, I haven’t got a twitter account yet but will be setting one up soon. I will let you know once its all set up

  4. Thanks for finally talking about >Is this a ghost of Tutbury Castle?
    – Paranormal Globe <Liked it!

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