Ghost of soldier snapped in the ‘Ye Olde White Harte’ pub in Hull

The historic Ye Olde White Harte Pub in Hull is said to be haunted, so is this ghostly photo of an English Civil War soldier proof that it is haunted?


Mike Woolas whoruns the pub is a self-confessed sceptic, but he believes that this grainy image shows an English Civil War cavalier earwigging on plans to snub King Charles I.


He said “I am quite sceptical about this kind of thing but there are some things you can’t explain.”

The photo was taken by a customer at a clairvoyant night held at the pub.

It apparently shows a side profile of a man with long hair and a moustache which was the favoured look for cavaliers loyal to King Charles I in the 17th Century.

-Ye-Olde-White-Harte-Ghost 2

In 1642 the Ye Olde Harte was the meeting place between the governor of Hull, Sir John Hotham and the burghers, during which they agreed to refuse King Charles I entry in to the city.

This act of defiance which was hatched in the so-called Plotting Room on the first floor of the pub, was one of the incidents that sparked the Civil War.

Mike along with his wife Kerrie and daughter Jess have run the pub since 2009.  He said “This is a new one on us”

The person who took this photograph told us it looks like Guy Fawkes, but there is no connection with him and this pub.

“I think people get confused because of the link with plotting.”

He said: “In January, at about 11.30am, Jess ran out from behind the bar shouting ‘Dad, dad! Come and have a look at this’.

“There were six punters, all sat with open mouths, and a set of keys hanging from a hook behind the bar were swinging.

“I checked for a draught nothing. It was ice cold, as if we stood next to an air conditioning unit.

“The punters supped up and left in a hurry.”

Daughter Jess said that her son Bobby also experiences spooky goings on in the pub.

She said: “I went into his bedroom above the pub, and he said ‘Shut the door mummy, he can see me!’

“I asked who and he replied ‘the man’ there was no one there.”

Clairvoyant Netty, who hosted the pub’s event, said she thinks the photograph is a genuine ghost sighting, but luckily for punters he’s a friendly ghost.

She said: “There is 100% a presence at Ye Olde White Harte but it’s definitely a calming presence.”

The Ye Ole White Harte was built in the 1500’s.

Ye-Olde-White-Harte-Ghost 3

So what do you think, a civil war soldier or just a trick of light?


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