Hampton Court Palace- London

Grey Lady Ghost Captured on Schoolgirls iPhone

A schoolgirl visiting Hampton Court believes she has captured the famous Grey Lady ghost in her photograph while she was taking photos of her cousin.

The spooky image shows what looks like a very tall woman with flowing dark hair and wearing a black gown.  But in the next image there is no sign of the person

The girls only realised what they had caught on camera when they were looking through their photos the next day.

Auroile Prince who is a photography expert studied the photo but she couldn’t find any signs that the image had been tampered with.

She said “You can pretty much manipulate anything if you’re good enough, but you’d have to be an expert to get an image like this”.

The Grey Lady of  Hampton Court is said to be that of Dame Sybil Penn who died in 1562 after contracting smallpox.

She was a servant to four Tudor monarchs and said to have nursed Queen Elizabeth I through smallpox before contracting it herself.

Sightings of her ghost supposedly began in 1829 when the church at the palace was rebuilt and her tomb was removed.

Soon after her tomb was removed, strange noises of someone working a spinning wheel were apparently heard through a wall at Hampton Court.  This led to the discovery of a previously unknown chamber which contained an antique spinning wheel.

Hampton Court is famous for its ghost sightings. King Henry VIII and his 5th wife Catherine Howard are also said to haunt the stately home.

Take a look at the photos, could this actually be a ghost or some kind of photo glitch?

Is this the Grey Lady
Is this the Grey Lady
Second photo taken shortly after with no sign of spectre
Second photo taken shortly after with no sign of spectre




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